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While the June 1st deadline we set for ourselves to complete our game grows ever nearer, we’ve had to take some time away from the game to get ChiTownFestivals up to speed for the 2013 season.

It doesn’t take a ton of time.  But going through and finding the dates and times for the events this year is tough, since the entire reason we started the site is because it’s impossible to find up to date information about these things.  Kind of a catch 22.  But, for the most part we’ve got the website updated.  And now that it has a year and change under its belt in the search engines – they are starting to give it more respect.  Our traffic is already through the roof, and we aren’t really even into the full festival season yet.  We’re ranking above the official webpages of most festivals, and definitely higher than the City of Chicago’s festival information pages.  Rahm really should give us a job promoting the cities activities.  Especially since the city info is lacking… an app.

We also updated, or at least submitted an update, for our Chicago Festivals app.  We updated the graphics, tweaked the layout a little bit, made it iPhone 5 compatible, allow users to send festival information from within the app, and changed the map function to give users a choice of opening directions in Apple Maps or Google Maps.

The app store really seems to be heavily weighting newer apps these days in the rankings.  So we ought to be going through and updating all of our apps with at least some minor tweak every few weeks to maximize downloads.  But it’s hard to dedicate that much time to the project when you’re trying to get a game done!

Paul also got into a battle with some people on reddit about how our site functions.  There really isn’t any way to win an online argument, but cool that people are posting about the site!

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