Everything In Its Right Place

From a gameplay mechanics perspective, everything is in place for the game currently known as Soul Train.  Since the last functionality update, here’s what has happened:

  • Placeholders have been replaced with concept art for all aspects of the level
  • Tunnels and flashlight interaction has been figured out
  • Collision detection has been refined
  • Button placement has been streamlined for the player
  • The bar car has been build out
  • The dialogue system is in place
  • The crafting system is in place

So at this point, Paul and I just need to get to work on the fun parts of the game.  Sure there’s plenty of ‘coding’ and drawing to do.  But we also are finally at a point where we get to figure out what items will be dropped.  What weapons players will be able to craft.  What health potions can be created at the bar, and which ones will kill you.  The fun creative part of designing a game should start taking the place of writing boolean logic and connecting actors to data tables.

I’ll post a video of where the game is at soon.  But it’s gotten hard enough that unless I add in keyboard triggers for movement and weapons, just playing it with a mouse I die before I get to the end of the first car.  So that’d be a pretty boring video.  Maybe I’ll see if Paul wants to take a video of my iPhone screen when I’m playing it next time we have a work party.  Technology!

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